Writer’s Block Strategies

Relax. All writers get blocked from time to time.

Sometimes a “dry spell” lasts longer than we’d like, but there is help.

Here’s why we get them, and how we can navigate through them.

WHY? Why do I get this?!

First of all, you’re not alone. Anyone who writers has or will encounter writer’s block. It’s natural.

Here are a few reasons why we all get stuck, but the list is really endless.



  1. Putting too much pressure on yourself to write.
  2. Feeling like you have to write perfectly.
  3. Being under deadline.
  4. Scared to share something personal.
  5. People will think I’m a fake.
  6. No one will believe this story.
  7. I don’t know what to write.
  8. I’m too distracted where I work.
  9. I’ve got so much other stuff to do.
  10. The words are literally just not “coming” to me.
  11. It’s hard.
  12. I can’t get started. I have it my head, but I can’t seem to get the words out.
  13. What if people laugh at me?
  14. Maybe I’m not good enough.
  15. Others…really, if your reason isn’t above, it could be anything.

How can I solve this?

First, BREATHE. Whatever the reason, most times it simply resolves with time.

But, there are things you can do to prod your writing along if you need to get those words out!

  1. Get out into nature.
  2. Doodle or draw.
  3. Tidy up your workspace.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Hydrate.
  6. Take a nap.
  7. Self care – whatever that means to you.
  8. Read – literally anything!
  9. Listen to a podcast or audio book or whatnot.
  10. Watch a really good movie.
  11. Practice deep breathing exercises or mindful meditation.
  12. List your qualities.
  13. Remember that your first draft is not the final. Self editing is part of writing.
  14. Address your fears head on – write them down, tell them to a trusted friend, speak them into the mirror, etc.
  15. Remember that we’re ALL imperfect.
  16. Liking someone’s writing is subjective. Not everyone will be your superfan. And, that’s okay! There are people who can’t stand Hemingway…or Tolkien…or…
  17. Remember that critique is not the same thing as criticism. Editing makes our writing better.
  18. Do some freeform writing or stream of consciousness writing. That means just write without thinking about what you’re saying.