One of the best ways to improve your writing and find your voice is to read your writing aloud.*

Feel it in your mouth and listen to your words. How does your writing take on a new attitude as you transform it into sound? What do you notice about word choice and order?

Some people record themselves as they are reading and listen after. I’m not a fan of my voice as others hear it so it’s more cringe than help for me, but that may just be the nugget you need to hear today.

Read to others. Now, these people aren’t just anybody, especially if you’re new to writing. Select people who have your ego at heart. Guide them in what you want to know. Not only can they help you with some constructive feedback, but they can tell you what’s working.

Not a fan of feedback…YET? (You’ll desire it later, or if not desire, let’s say need.) Try reading to your pet! One of my kiddoes was struggling with reading and our tutor had my munchkin read to her dog. It made a world of difference.

You may be struggling with getting enough words together to read anything, and that’s okay. Pull out a book or something off the internet. Read that aloud. You can even read that to your pet! (I’m reminded of The Cat Who… books when Mr. Q read library selections to his Siamese, Koko and Yum Yum! Lillian Jackson Braun left us with some really charming, albeit predictable stories.)

*If you’re mute or have a disability where reading out loud is difficult for you please recruit a friend to dictate your writing to you. Best wishes!