Bittersweet: Faith Lost and Found and the DNA Test that Brought a Baby Back to Life

A memoir packed with wild characters and cliffhangers!

Cleverly told memoir that reads like fiction, offering readers hope and inspiration for overcoming life’s struggles and challenges.

What happens when a quirky hair stylist reluctantly takes a DNA test and unearths a long-buried family secret? Come along on Christi’s journey where miracles and tragedies abound on this rollercoaster ride of a lifetime, and just when things start to go right, life takes a left turn.

Christi and Cat Give Insight to "Bittersweet" Video Interview

by Christ Studios | Amazon 5-Star Book "Bittersweet"

Christina Marie (Christi) Hales is a public speaker, small business owner, MS survivor and MS treatment and research advocate, former avid cyclist, and wife and mother. Her mission is to draw people closer to God. Christi’s story is her testimony to what God did in her life and an example of what God can do in yours. She wants you to know that He can do anything for you according to His will and all you have to do is trust Him as your Savior and walk with Him.

Catherine Anne (Cat) Lewis accidentally stumbled into a memoir writers’ workshop and has been trapped in the genre ever since. Her adopted home is in North Carolina where she wonders if the adult children will ever leave, and if the harassing beagles will ever leave her alone. She writes because she breathes. She loves God and attempts to follow her late husband’s life philosophy to love people like Jesus and build community wherever she goes.

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