Bittersweet Project

Sharing stories of hope and faith. With one hand we point to God, and with the other we point to others. Your hosts Cat Lewis and Christi Hales interview Christ-followers who offer their stories of how God is impacting their lives. This is a platform for testimonies that inspire and transform!

Cat Lewis

Cat is a published author, a post-editor for international business, and a teller of other people’s stories. Cat loves Jesus and wants everyone to feel His unfailing love. She joins Christi in producing the YouTube channel, Bittersweet Project, to bring hope and inspiration to others through the testimonies of those who found God on this life journey. 

Christi Hales

Christi owns a hair design studio and loves the Lord with a passion. She brings others to Christ in her many leadership positions within her church and in the mission field. With Cat Lewis as her not-so-ghostwriter, she published her memoir, Bittersweet, and now joins forces with Cat again for Bittersweet Project, giving a platform for others to tell their testimonies.

Do you have a God-centered testimony to share? We'd love to find out if you're a good fit for our channel. Please give us a brief description of your testimony and we'll be in touch! Thanks!

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