Writing inspiration often comes to me because of an “aha!” moment. That moment where life hits you over the head because you hadn’t been paying attention. That happened to me this morning…

It’s Easter. I got up and moved the cars to access my Easter decorations in the garage and put together two very sad looking baskets for the kids. Holidays have been weird and hard and ugly this first year without my husband, and even though I promised I would get the Easter stuff down a month ago, I just didn’t.

After putting together two very sad looking Easter baskets for the kids (adultish kids, that is), I fed the beagles and brewed some piping hot caffeine. Then, I posted and texted a bevy of “He Has Risen” graphics to friends and audiences before making a frittata that’s now in the oven.

And, as I sat down again at the computer, it hit me! I should thank God for Jesus!

Sure, I went to Good Friday service at my new church, and the kids and I went to Easter service on Saturday night at our familiar church, so I have given plenty of attention to the Holy Weekend. But…it wasn’t my first thought this morning. This Easter morning where He has risen. The tasks were my first thoughts.

And, I just realized that it’s like God left a Mercedes (or a Lexus, or a classic VW Bug, or whatever floats your boat) in my driveway with a bow on it and I didn’t even think to thank Him.

And, Jesus is SO MUCH MORE than the car of our dreams, or a paid off mortgage, or a fat bank account, or safety from violence, or food on the table, or whatever seems like the biggest gift one can think of in the moment!

And, I look at my driveway and I think, if overnight someone had left me a new car with a bow on it and I didn’t think to thank them, I just went about my day as if that car were a given, what does that say about me? What does that say about my gratitude?

The tangible and intangible blessings that fill my life are not givens. I know that better than most. Gratitude for the good things God has done for me should top my to-do list.

Hallelujah! He is risen!

Now, what life event hit YOU over the head recently? Write about it!